Pet Page

Coco Watermelon Donut Teachman

Coco will gladly challenge a dog 8 times her size but she is very afraid of flies. Also, she does not believe she is a dog.


Honus is a senior Yorkipoo on the cusp of the ripe old age of 15. He can be found skillfully expressing his many needs by barking at his moms, Emma and Shenel. He loves making new people friends, chewing on his lambchop toys, sunbathing in the grass, and pretty much any food (especially human food). Dislikes include thunderstorms, strollers, big dogs (until he gets to know them), and the groomer.


Duchess is a 17-year-old rescue living out her golden years in the Great Indoors after spending much of her life as an outdoor cat in California. Her likes include cuddling, eating fish, and terrorizing her dog brother, Honus. She does not like car rides, having her toe beans touched, or being ignored by her moms, Emma and Shenel.

Callie Johnson Daniel

Callie holds an honorary JD from the University of Virginia and is well on her way to receiving her honorary PhD in clinical psychology from The University, following the completion of her pre-doctoral internship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. When not helping her parents with their work, Callie likes to hunt bugs and eat trash.


Echo AKA Most (as in, Most Precious Girl) is a 2.5-year-old Australian Shepherd with the boundless energy of a new puppy. She loves running and jumping and catching frisbees and above all, playing tug. Or maybe snuggling. Or maybe getting belly rubs. She has many dreams in life (that are absolutely hers and not projections from her girl human, Taylor, and dude human, Lukas) including learning agility and visiting the Continental Divide.

Elle Bow Teachman

Elle is a rescue who recently joined the Teachman-Nosek family and she is a very sweet, gentle giant. She is a big fan of burrowing under covers, snuggling, walks, barking at other dogs to play, and sleeping diagonally on beds so humans have no way to stretch out.


Osa is a 5-year old rescue pitbull mix who loves food above all else. When she is not eating or scavenging for food, she can be found begging MarĂ­a & Ren for broccoli stalks (weirdly her favorite). In her spare time, she enjoys sunbathing, snuggling, and snoring oh-so-very loudly. Likes: being a loner teenager yet having access to her humans at all times, snacks, neck scratchies. Dislikes: being told 'no', getting a bath, and her sister (Aoife) invading her personal space.


Aoife (phonetic: Ee-fah) is a 2-year old rescue pitbull mix whose love for chasing a ball is only paralleled by her love of being the center of attention. When she is not bringing the ball to you in the hopes you'll toss it for the 345th time, she will invade your personal space with sweet, yet full-bodied, snuggles (she 100% does not realize she weighs 50lbs). Likes: ball, ball, ball, Osa's personal space, and snuggles. Dislikes: any affection being given to someone who is not her, unfamiliar sounds.


Milly is a three month old Cavalier King Charles spaniel (and Virgo) whose favorite activities include chewing, snuggling, playing fetch, meeting new people, and barking at her parents, Ilana and Dylan, to give her treat-os. Dislikes include rain and the sound of thunder. Fun fact: Milly frequently snores when sleeping, and very loudly!