January 2021
Bethany discusses travel anxiety in 2021 with Condé Nast Traveler

Bethany speaks to Between the Columns about handling anxiety in the new year

December 2020
Bethany speaks to the New York Times about managing expectations in the new year

Bethany talks with Guideposts about dealing with the post-holiday blues during a pandemic

November 2020
hol3health interviews Bethany about anxiety, emotions and interpretation bias

Bethany speaks with verywell health about coping with pandemic fatigue

Bethany offers tips to manage the uncertainty and stress of election aftermath in an article in The Conversation

Bethany presents ways to manage anxiety during uncertain times in PBS Rewire

Bethany shares tips on managing stress about the presidential election in UVA Today

Bethany presents tips for struggling with pandemic uncertainty in an interview on the Radio NZ morning show

October 2020
Bethany speaks with the New York Times about mental health challenges in the winter months during the Covid-19 pandemic

September 2020
Bethany's presents research-based ways to cope with the uncertainties of pandemic life in an article in The Conversation

May 2020
Bethany's post on the Anxiety and Depression Association of America blog: "Why Anxiety Should Not Be Feared"

March 2020
Bethany's article in The Conversation on approaching the coronavirus pandemic as a challenge to be met rather than a threat

Bethany interviews with UVA Today on managing anxiety surrounding the coronavirus pandemic

October 2019
Bethany discusses the use of mobile phones as an interventon tool to alleviate anxiety in The Hill

Bethany talks on the JP, Kathy & the Crew show (1160-AM KBDT) on cognitive behavioral therapy and biases in cognitive processing

June 2019
Bethany's talk "MindTrails: Using technology to change anxious thinking in the real world", accessible on the Australian Broadcast Corporation

February 2019
Bethany discusses the science of awkwardness in Bustle

Bethany in Viginia Living

February 2018
Bethany discusses the use of cognitive bias modification in digital interventions for anxiety

August 2017
Bethany interviewed on WINA Radio on Future Thinking (MindTrails)

July 2017
Press release for MindTrails study (Future Thinking) picked up by:

UVA Today
CBS 19 Charlottesville Newsplex
Neuroscience News
Psych Central
NBC 29

March 2017
Bethany discusses mental health stigma in Psychology Today article

Post-doc Phil Chow's work highlighted by Becker's Health IT & CIO Review

Lab research cited by Nautilus article

Bethany featured in APA Science Government Relations Office 2016 Annual Report (with her photo on the cover!)

Bethany interviewed regarding NIMH's mission in APA Monitor

February 2017
Graduate student Karl Fua featured in College Magazine: How to participate in class without fearing the haters

December 2016
Bethany discusses stigma of mental illness on Business Insider

Graduate students Miranda Beltzer and Alex Werntz interviewed about implicit associations related to mental health on Huffington Post

November 2016
Bethany discusses anxiety after the election on Cavalier Daily

October 2016
Radio interview with Bethany about MindTrails intervention

Bethany discusses anxiety regarding talking about trauma on Cavailer Daily

Bethany discusses anxiety before the election on Cavalier Daily

Graduate student Alex Werntz, undergraduate research assistant Emily Kline, and Bethany discuss interpretation training for anxiety on

Bethany talks about anxiety and applying to jobs on Cavalier Daily

September 2016
Interview with Bethany about MindTrails intervention on UVA Today

June 2016
Former graduate student Jessica Beadel discusses intrusive thoughts on US News and World Report

March 2016
Bethany discusses the lab's research on changing interpretations in UVA Magazine

Bethany discusses tips for anxiety on Real Simple

November 2015
Bethany featured in US News and World Report: The Science of Awkwardness

October 2015
Bethany discusses phobias on Yahoo Health